Preston G.
I'm happy to say that the West Valley parentheses (and I'm talking very west ... right off of Valley Circle Boulevard)has a new restaurant. This is definitely not your lower-end, drive through on the side, cookie cutter corporate chain endeavor. Some real thought was put into making the decor cool, welcoming and sophisticated without being stuffy. The menu is Mediterranean. We started off with some freshly made hummus (definitely a step up from the prepackage stuff) and then had the Bronzino ... one with rice and one with their really interesting and very tasty vegetables. It is a whole fish so be prepared to do some bone picking. We concluded with a really unique, to me anyway, desert that will be one of the reasons we will be heading back ASAP (I think it had mozzarella cheese and honey) The entertainment that evening was a single guitar player who was world class and a pleasure to see in such an intimate setting. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit in for one song playing a pocket trumpet. I understand they also sometimes have a jazz combo with female singer. We go out quite a bit and it's so nice to find a new, & for us close venue that matches high-quality food, entertainment and surroundings.
Traci Z.
Fantastic new local restaurant in West Hills- corner of Roscoe and Valley Circle. LOVE this place! The inside was beautiful... totally forgot to take pictures Food was fresh and delicious. The owner was awesome- he was visable and checked on all guests. . They have live music and the singer and band were fun and engaging. Valet parking is available for a small fee. Go check them out!
Rita Y.
We went last minute with my friend for dinner and had a wonderful time. The music and vibe was really nice and even when they weren't playing live it was still really great with the music and the entire ambiance it was a relaxing evening. I was immediately sat and server came over to start the evening. She was really great and what I appreciated was that she always confirmed our order with us. The food was amazing and the desert in the end was magnificent!! Absolutely recommend and can't wait to go back. Great place for a quality evening, either for a family night or even a nice date night.
Jonathan R.
Living only a "stones throw" away and being a big Jazz fan I had to give this place a try. Gurgen, the owner has created an atmosphere and menu as satisfying as it is refreshing, from the superb quality food, to beautiful decor and incredible ambience, (with Live music most evenings) the west valley community will be pleasantly surprised to find a spot once only obtainable by traveling to downtown LA now conveniently located right in our backyards. This is definitely going to be the GO-TO Mediterranean restaurant, hookah lounge & Jazz bar in the West Valley. Big shout out to Arthur for being a great host and bar tender, will be coming back soon!
Sara M.
This is definitely a new type of restaurant in the area. I think that it's nice that they provide live entertainment. The restaurant is in a quiet location- not like Ventura Blvd. I am not sure if they always have valet parking, but they did on Saturday night. There is also parking available at the street curb. The stage is set back and not very near to the majority of the dining tables. The waitress was attentive and answered questions regarding some of the menu items. Food is Mediterranean. My dinner companion and I ordered the filet mignon and branzino. We substituted rice with the house salad. I thought that the salad could have been better, mostly lettuce with some diced tomatoes and onions. The meat was tender and the fish was a nice size. Prices were fair- especially considering they had entertainment. I think that the choice of songs was just a little bit slow- although, that may be because it's jazz and it is supposed to be relaxing. Decoration was nice with lighting, big screens, and a wide electric fireplace.
Greg M.
Finally a beautiful restaurant in the West Hills community! Live Jazz music in the evenings, great food, beautiful design! Beer & Wine also hookah lounge in the back.
Vartan A.
Love the vibes, perfect place to enjoy great food and enjoy real music. Beautifully designed interior. They serve alcohol and a hookah/cigar lounge is coming to the back patio.